Eelhoe Bamboo Charcoal Tear Pull Black Mask Cleansing Blackhead Removal Acne Oil-Control Shrink Pores Face Mask Face Care

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Specification: 60/120g

Suitable for skin type: suitable for blackheads, oily skin and enlarged pores.

Natural ingredients: aloe vera, volcanic mud, bamboo charcoal, carbon black, witch hazel, glycerin and other extracts

Efficacy: moisturizing, oil control, shrinking pores, moisturizing, moisturizing, brightening skin tone, moisturizing, firming, deep cleansing, soft skin


1. Unblock pores

Take away the excess oil in the pores, smooth the pores, and make the skin clean and smooth.

2. Adsorb blackheads

Penetrate the pores, surround blackheads and whiteheads, and pull them out of the pores.

3. Supplement nutrients

After absorbing blackheads, it will also bring a variety of skin-enhancing substances to the skin, nourishing the skin layer by layer, so as not to harm the skin.

4. Firming

After cleaning the blackheads, the skin will naturally hydrate without drying out, forming a skin moisture barrier.

Shelf life: 3 years


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