Essential oil box solid wood storage rack

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Baby material: pine solid wood

Baby outer diameter size: 23*19*10.2cm

Baby inner diameter size: 21.5*17.2*9.7cm

Small grid diameter: about 3.1*3.2cm
(Handmade, the size is slightly wrong, the finer is required to be careful!)

Baby craft and capacity: solid wood without paint, can store 30 bottles of 20ml standard essential oil bottles, can be used in beauty salon cosmetics store essential oil storage display, can be stacked
Baby craft: pine solid wood, natural wood without paint, hand-polished, movable partition can be taken out
Baby Description: After the new box is opened, there will be a pure pine scent. It can be used directly. After the essential oil is added, the wood will slowly change the fragrance after absorbing the taste of the essential oil!