Red sandalwood teeth comb

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[commodity classification]: combing
[product weight size]: long handle and wide teeth: 21.5 * 4.8cm long handle fine teeth: 21.5 * 4.8cm four side comb: 10.6 * 5.8cm long coarse and fine comb: about 29g. 18*4cm
[style]: wide tooth comb, fine tooth comb, two in one comb
[efficacy features]: 1. The comb material is red sandalwood. The color is reddish, slightly fragrant, the pattern is beautiful, the wood is durable, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant; 2. Wide tooth fine tooth comb, the tooth comb with different spacing meets different needs; 3. Different sizes, there are styles that can be carried with you or placed at home. Consistent style, material / texture; 4. Antistatic, no noise, no tangle; 5. Heavy hand feeling, excellent texture, simple design, ergonomics